Security at Your Fingertips


Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Home and business security has never been easier, or more affordable, than with uGuardian door locks. They are safe and convenient, giving you the power to control who has access to your home or office without the hassle of keys or remembering a complicated keypad code.

Rugged, Compact, and Flexible Design

Designed for easy replacement of your existing standard single latch door knobs and locks, the reversible handle option allows for flexibility during installation to fit all door swing directions. The uGuardian locks will fit most standard doors 1 3⁄8” – 2 3⁄8”.

Prevent Forcible Entry

uGuardian door locks have been created to not only be durable, but also smarter than the average lock. The independent clutch motor design allows the handle to be turned even when the door is locked. This is critical for the prevention of a forcible entry.

DIY Installation

uGuardian door locks are easy to install yourself, requiring only a screwdriver to switch out the door lock – no electrical wiring required! User registration is also just as fast. Simply scan the user’s fingerprint on the door lock and assign the permission group and you’re all set!

Control Access

You can assign permanent or temporary access anyone you choose. The simple three-step setup process will have you and your users up and running in minutes. Groups permissions include Admin, Normal and Temporary users.

View_Button Features

Biometric Fingerprint Door
Lock with LED Indicator

Convenient Keyless Entry from a Superior Lock Technology

Flexible Handle Design
and Color Options

Available in Black and Silver

Independent Clutch Motor
Design With Idle Handle

To Prevent From Forcible Entry